What measurements will you need?

For masks, we require a measurement (in inches) around the widest part of your head (typically just above the eyes), and from the bottom of your chin to your eyelids. For gloves, we require a hand-tracing. For arm-sleeves, we require a measurement around the wrist, just below the elbow, and the widest part of your upper arm, as well as length from armpit to wrist. For feet, we require a comfortable shoe to build on, as well as a measurement around your ankle.

Can the masks accommodate glasses?

We can accommodate glasses inside our masks with prior notice from the customer. Please include this information when requesting a quote. There may be an additional turnaround time if we need to order a larger resin blank than the ones we can cast in-house.

How do I care for my new costume?

Brushing carefully after every use, and gentle exterior spot-cleaning with water and rubbing alcohol should be all that is needed to maintain your mask. Airbrushed areas will be subject to fading and deterioration if they are improperly cleaned. Never place a resin mask or airbrushed costume part in the washing machine! The interior of your mask should be wiped down after each use with a sanitizing product such as Lysol or Clorox, and allowed to dry fully before re-use. 

Our standard payment plan is 50% due when you place your order (to cover materials and time spent designing with you), and 50% due upon completion and before shipment. Typical turnaround time is 8-16 weeks, so this allows you plenty of time to come up with the remaining balance on your costume.

Do you accept payment plans?